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Best Team for Pokemon Black 2

Best Team for Pokemon Black 2

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 is the 2012 role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and it was published by Nintendo and Pokemon company for Nintendo DS. Let’s see what is the best team for Black 2.

As a iconic Pokemon game, this Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 have two basic gameplay methods one is exploration and other one is battle. Exploration includes talking to non-player characters, looking for items and Pokemon in the Unova region. Battle includes defeating the opponent’s Pokemon with your team of Pokemon. For that you need a better team so that you can add them to your team.

Best Team for Pokemon Black 2

What is Team?

Team making plays a prominent role in battle mode of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Because with this team of Pokemon, you have to make battle with the opponent’s Pokemon. Pokemon have moves like attacking, buffing, debuffing or inflicting status effects, which makes them unique. You have to add those Pokemon with the best abilities into your team.

Personal preference

This team making is basically according to your personal preference. You may have different Pokemon and win the battle different than our suggestions. It’s all based on strategies and techniques you apply while playing. So let’s see the best Pokemon which you can add up to your team in accordance with Pokemon’s abilities.

Black 2 Pokemon team

Let’s see some of the Pokemon you could use while making your team in the Pokemon Black 2.

Best Team for Pokemon Black 2


Oshawolt is the best starter Pokemon one could choose while playing for Black 2. The moves which makes it unique are surf, aqua tail, waterfall cut, iron tail, x-scissors and air slash.


Chandelure is the amazing Pokemon with special attack and it looks cool too. The moves of this Pokemon are flame thrower, fire blast, heat wave and dark pulse. It is on the fire team.


Arcanine is the adamant nature Pokemon and it is fire team. The moves are crunch, wild charge, flare blitz and extreme speed.


Metagross is also the adamant nature and it is water type. It special moves are agility, ice punch, zen headbutt, metor mash and earthquake.


Samurott is also the water type Pokemon. You team should consists of all type of Pokemon so that you can face any type of Pokemon. It have surf, megahorn, dig, ice beam and retaliate.


Krookodile is the dark type Pokemon. It special moves are foul play, crunch, dig, earthquake, brick break, outrage and strength.

Thus these are the Pokemon you could add up to your team in Pokemon Black 2.

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