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Monster Hunter World Argosy Guide

Monster Hunter World Argosy Guide

Monster Hunter World is an action role playing multiplayer game. It is developed and published by Capcom. The game was originally released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Microsoft Windows platforms. The game provides the player to play as a Hunter, to kill or knock down monsters that roam in the environmental spaces. The players are rewarded with items that are required to craft weapons and armor after killing the monsters. As a result players will have then have advanced weapon to kill more difficult monsters. However one can play it alone also.

What is Argosy in the game?

Monster Hunter World Argosy Guide

In the game, Argosy is a trade ship that brings items that a player requests for while playing. The ship comes into the dock between quests with both consumable and craft materials.However after three quests the Argosy goes back to its place. Moreover the items will cost a lot of RP. So you need to be careful while buying the items. You may skip the unwanted items to save your RP.

Good thing is that you can modify the cargo types according to yourself. Apart from all this, the Argosy will appear consecutively if you have clear more quests.

Location of the Argosy

The Argosy will be available after the completion of the Zorah Magdaros story arc. Then it will be spotted randomly after the Hunter returns from quests during the time of cultivation at Botanical Research. There is an Argosy captain, a non playable character that interacts with the hunter in the game.

This captain is visible in the Elder Melder in Astera’s Tradeyard. Meanwhile there is a Selina Sailor who will make Argosy shipment available to Hunter. The Argosy will leave the dock after three deliveries. Let’s have a look at the exclusive items that Argosy provides the player.

The consumable items include meats and slinger pods. On the other hand the material item is available after carving the monsters. Furthermore, there are trade-in-items which provide sale only for Zenny from the item box.

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