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Drying Light Legend Max Level Explained

Drying Light Legend Max Level Explained

Drying Light is a first person survival game with open world concept and is developed by Techland. It is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. However the legend levels are new addition of Drying Light: The Following, which is an expansion of the original one. These levels allow the players to increase Crane’s abilities further. However the legend level consists of their own section in the main game menu.

Legend max level up guide

The guide will help you to increase your legend levels without any major problems. There is a total of 250 levels for Legend and 25 for Survivor which further gets converted into Legend points after completing the survival skill tree.

Drying Light Legend Max Level Explained

So the main technique is to collect DROPs from the Quarantine zones. For that, you have to know the exact location of the zone. Before that let’s have a look at the tips and tricks to survive in the game.

Firstly, use the platforms while moving instead of the floors as there are loose words hanging from the ceiling. Secondly, if you are too weak to fight with the enemies in a locked room then simply try to escape by throwing firecrackers on the wooden pallets. Keep in mind that there are some surprise bombers around the corners beyond the locker doors. Lastly, the Nightmare mode is only for those players who are very skilled at Drying Light and thus want to reach to the max level quickly.

The two methods of looting: Choose your option

The first method is the quick way but getting less in one go. In this method, you can get more looting sessions in 10 minutes. For example, in Stuffed Turtle, there is a total of 5 DROPs and three of them are in the main door. However, you can look these three DROPs very quickly but you have to be careful from the dangers. The moment you finish looting, browse through the store for the DROPs safely.

The second method is the longer way but getting more in one go. In comparison with the first method, this method is considered to be more efficient. In the previous option, you will get only three DROPs whereas in this method you can collect all the five DROPs. Moreover you’ll even get extra Survivor points at the end. But make sure to choose this option only if you are pro in playing the game.

Apply the same tips wisely and you’ll very soon reach the Legend Max Level. Stay tuned with Crawford portal for more updates!

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