Infinity Train Book 4 HBO Max Release Date

Infinity Train Book 4 HBO Max Release Date

Infinity Train is an American anime TV series and is out with its season 4. Audience showed their love for the show and demanded for this season. It is an adventure-fantasy show created by Owen Dennis. However the first season of the series was released in 2016 on Cartoon network. It gained a huge popularity with a great entertainment factor. Here is the detail regarding Infinity Train Book 4.

Release date and time of Infinity Train Book 4

Infinity Train Book 4 HBO Max Release Date

The last season (3) was released in August 2020 and since then fans were for the new one to arrive. Finally the wait is over today! Infinity Train Book 4 is aired today i.e.,15th April 2021 on HBO Max. Let’s have a look at the timings.

The first episode is premiered at 2am in Central time, at 3am in Eastern time, at 8am in British time, at 9am in European time, at 4pm in Japan time and at 4:30pm in Australian time respectively. Moreover this season will aso have all total of 10 episodes like the previous season.

Where and how to watch

To watch your favourite TV anime , you need to have HBO Max channel subscription in your TV. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then do is soon to not to miss any of the episodes. For the subscription, you have to enter your username and password into HBO Max’s website. Another way of it is to subscribe to the channel by paying 14.99 dollar for a month. Both the ways are easy so hurry up if you are still unknown about this.

Plot of Infinity Train Book 4

Infinity Train Book 4 HBO Max Release Date

The trailer was already released before which is good enough. From the trailer, we can imagine that the series is going to be entertaining especially for kids. However we don’t know the story clearly but little is known after watching the trailer.

According to the trailer, there are three main characters- Ryan Akagi, Min-Gi Park and Kez. Ryan is a youngster from a Japanese family and want to become a successful musician whereas Min-Gi is a Korean boy and studies Finance and risk. The third character Kez will be introduced little later in the series as he is a resident of the train in which Ryan and Min-Gi will be traveling.

Ryan and Min-Gi are best friends and have different goals in their life. Although having different plans for their future, the decide to leave for their journey on train together. While traveling they meet Kez in the train. Three of them are unknown about the facts that the journey is going to bring for them.

It will be extremely interesting to watch their mysterious journey in the upcoming episodes of Infinity Train Book 4. Apart from these three characters, there are many more characters which will be revealed in the episodes with time.

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