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Persona 5 Strikers How Fusion Works

Persona 5 Strikers How Fusion Works

Persona 5 is a role playing video game available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms. It is a single player game developed by Atlus. The fusion system of Persona 5 Strikers is however similar to the Persona 5 Royal version. Have a look at the fusion working.

Persona Fusion and Velvet Room

Persona 5 Strikers How Fusion Works

It is very important to know these two terms before moving on the fusion guide. Persona fusion is the merging of two personas to create a new as well as a powerful Persona. The newly formed Persona will have more abilities to fight the battle wars. But to make the fusion possible, the personas should be able to reach a particular significant level.

However this fusion takes place in the Velvet Room which is the base of the operations of Personas. The room will provide you with three options. They are— Create New Persona, Mask Fusion and Summon Personas.

How does the fusion work?

Persona 5 Strikers How Fusion Works

Lavenza, the striker in the Velvet room can fuse with Persona to create new powerful creatures. But use the fusion carefully with the help of Joker’s abilities. You can create unique rosters in the game by doing so. Not only this, there are about 67 Personas to be collected and fused with the Strikers. Collecting all the personas successfully will give you the Mask Connoisseur trophy as a reward.

Creating New Personas

Lavenza is mostly known for creating new Persona. This is the first menu where you can combine two personas for fusion to create a powerful one. The new persona will get the skills and abilities from its parents which will bring it out as a unique persona. Here are some requirements for the fusion.

Firstly, to fuse a persona, you must reach a certain level so that you can control it properly. Next, the base persona involved in the fusion should be at a good minimum level. It is not necessary that the persona must be equipped to Joker for the fusion. Lavenza will still allow it at a cost. During the process, you can choose a number of skills which you want the newly forming persona should have. Lastly, there could be chances of fusion accidents also. This means that the fusion could give you unhappy results i.e., different from what you expected.

Mask Fusion

This fusion provides you with the power of levelling up your Personas by using the persona points. But this will only be valid till the limit of the Joker’s level.

Summon Fusion

This is the last menu where you can summon any of your favorite personas but for a cost. However if you want to save them for any emergency, you can register them. The saved ones can be re-registered at any time again but you have to pay for it. For every registry, some fee will be charged.

Apart from all the above mentioned criteria, you can even delete the Personas from the fusion section whenever you feel like from the Velvet Room.

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