Jupiter’s Legacy release date, cast and more!

Jupiter's Legacy release date, cast and more!

Let’s talk about the upcoming superhero television series  ‘Jupiter’s Legacy ‘. This series created by Steven S. DeKnight and based on a comic book which was written by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.  This series will be available on Netflix. Jupiter’s Legacy series official posters and trailers have been posted on social networks.

Jupiter's Legacy release date, cast and more!

Release Date

Jupiter’s Legacy series release date is 7th May 2021. And this series will be streaming on Netflix.


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Jupiter’s Legacy series casting and playing the role

In Jupiter’s Legacy series casting Josh Duhamel plays the role of Sheldon Sampsonwho leads the superhero team called ‘The Union‘. Ben Daniels Plays the role of Walter Sampsonhe is the older brother of Sheldon’s. Leslie Bibb plays the role of Grace Sampsonshe is Sheldon’s wife and a powerful hero on the planetElena Kampouris plays the role of Chloe Sampsonshe is the daughter of Grace and Sheldon’s. Andrew Horton plays the role of Brandon Sampsonhe is the son of Grace and SheldonMike Wade plays the role of Fitz Smallhe is a member of The UnionAnd Matt Lanter plays the role of George Hutchenehe was the closest ally of Sheldon.

Jupiter’s Legacy: Spoiler

In this story, the character was the world’s first superhero and got his power in the 1930s. In the current day, they mention their elder guards but their superpowered children struggle to keep their legacy.

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