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Dishonoured 2 Bonecharm Crafting Full Guide

Dishonoured 2 Bonecharm Crafting Full Guide

This article is about Dishonoured 2 Bonecharm guide and how to craft them. Dishonoured 2 is an action- adventure, single player video game available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. The game is developed by Arkane Studios. It is the sequel to 2012’s Dishonoured which was originally released in 2016.

Dishonoured 2 Bonecharm Crafting Full Guide

However the game is very relatable to science and political theories. Similarly in the game the players visit the streets of Dunwall and Karnaca. While exploring they face powerful supernatural items called Bone charms. Read the article carefully to know the guide of Dishonoured 2.


Before moving on to the guide, let’s have an idea about Bonecharms. These are items in Dishonoured 2 which need to be collected by the players to get some special effects. Now, these effects could work in positive or negative ways to influence your characters’ stats in the game. The ones which will provide positive effects are called Regular Bonecharms. On the other hand the Bonecharms that influence the character in both positive and negative ways are called Corrupted Bonecharms.

Dishonoured 2 Bonecharm Crafting Full Guide

But there are some unique Bonecharms which acts as powerful influencer for your chosen characters. These are known as Black Bonecharms. Moreover, the Bonecharms will help the players in a great way by avoiding the issues from their path. Along with this the negative effects are also useful sometimes to prevent you from certain situation that might hurt your game character while playing.

Crafting guide for Dishonoured 2

Crafting is done to make the characters perfect and fit to play in your own style. But this doesn’t mean that you can create a new character like you want to play with. However you can modify them according to your playing style by putting in your creativity and efforts.

If you want to play a low chaos then you should concentrate on abilities that provides health and avoid combats. The Bonecharms will help you to do so. Apart from this there are four upgrades for crafting.

Witch crafting (cost: 2 Runes)– It helps to lower corruption for Bonecharms with 3 or 4 traits.

Trait Synergy (cost: 3 Runes)– Helps to use the same trait for around 4 ties across all crafted Bonecharms.

Master crafting (cost:2 Runes)– Crafting Bonecharms with 3 traits assures that there is no longer chances of corruption.

Craft Runes (cost:4 Runes)– This is helpful for crafting Runes using Raw Whalebone or sacrificing existing Runes for more Raw Whalebone.

I hope this would be helpful for you all. Stay tuned with Crawford portal for more updates!

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