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Will Smith faced his fear of Ocean!

Will Smith faced his fear of Ocean!

Let’s talk about Will Smith, he is an American actor and film producer. He has also been nominated for Golden Globe Awards like five-time. And Mr. Smith has won Grammy Awards like four-time. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the U.S. on 25th September 1968.  Before his 50th Birthday, he posted a Vlog on his YouTube channel saying that he is going to conquer his biggest fear. On the Vlog, we are going to see him facing his biggest fear of the Ocean.

Will Smith faced his fear of Ocean!

On Will Smith YouTube channel, we have been seen several daredevil activities like Bungee jumping, Scuba diving, and many more. As he was about to hit his 50the birthday he posted a vlog on his youtube channel talking about conquering his fears. In that Vlog, he is going to try Scuba Diving to face his fear of the Ocean.

Why Will Smith faced his fear?

He did that because he didn’t want to go ahead in life without facing his fear that why he faced his fear and made the Vlog. For that, he traveled half of the world to an island that is on the coast of Australia. He also crossed a mild storm to reach the Great Barrier Reef where he was planned to Scuba dive.

Will Smith faced his fear of Ocean!

In that Vlog, Will Smith describes his fear by saying ” the ocean is like the ultimate woman, she’s beautiful and she will nourish you but she will tear you to shreds also. The ocean is my worst fear; I don’t know where it is or where it came from but there’s something about not being able to breathe. I have tried snorkeling before and I was hyperventilating”.

In the Vlog end, Will Smith said thought ” The question isn’t if you can handle the situation, the question is if you can handle your mind. Can you manage the thoughts and the emotions that are trying to poison your progress? Forget managing the situation, manage your mind. Train your mind to sit calmly in the eye of the storm”.

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