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No Man’s Sky Expedition Update Released

No Man's Sky Expedition Update Released

No man sky has released a big update that will last for a long time. This update is called the No Man’s Sky: Expeditions. This expansion is released today that is March 31, 2021. This update is huge for the community as they have fixed much stuff, added new things, and changed the way of exploring the universe.

No Man's Sky Expedition Update Released

This update has many new kinds of stuff like new missions, a new expedition, a new hud, and many more. We will talk about some of them later. In this update, developers have fixed many bugs and improve the performance of the game. They also made some balance changes to the game that players have frequently feedbacked about.

How The Journey Begins

So in this Expedition mode players start on the same planet and then they can board together to explore the galaxy. They go on an expedition to complete the milestone given. And also there is some new mission that can be played. Compleating these phases will reward you with valuable rewards that are only available this season. According to the developers, these rewards are unique to this season.

No Man's Sky Expedition Update Released

What’s New in This Update?

As told before this expansion consist of many new staff and we are just going through some of them.

  •  The developers have changed the HUD completely to the new one, also the UI has some improvements in them.
  • There is a shared expedition in this session where all the player stars at a fixed point in the universe. From there we can start together on the expedition.
  • Weekend missions have also come back in this session. By completing these missions we will be rewarded with a large amount of quicksilver.
  • There are also many new rewards for completing the expedition. Its written that for completing the first expedition we will get some new base parts, a new customization option, a new ship design, and a new jetpack.

There is much more stuff that is new so check out the official page for No Man’s Sky.

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