Path of Exile New Expansion and More

Path of Exile New Expansion and More

As we all know that Path of Exile 3.13 Expansion is about to end. With the ending of the previous expansion 3.13, there comes the new expansion that we have to look forward to. It’s not official yet that what are we going to see in this expansion but there is some news on it. As the developers have announced that there will be four expansions this year of 2021. They will work on this expansion every 12 to 13 weeks in the development cycle.

Path of Exile New Expansion and More

So there is not much news on this expansion except that they will announce this on twitch. It will be announced as the 1.13 expansion live. According to the tweet, the next path of exile expansion is “Path of Exile Ultimatum” and it will be free to play on 16 April.

It seems like there will be Path of Exile 2 that we are going to see other than the expansion. But as the developers have suggested that the expansion of 13.4 is smaller than the 13.3 expansion. So we cant expect what we will be looking at. It just might be the Path of Exile 2 or something new we don’t know but we are looking forward to it.

Path of Exile New Expansion and More

But whatever the expansions give us new, we will still get the new items that we always get. There might also be some surprises as the developers suggested or the Path of Exile 2 is the surprise that we were about to get. We don’t know what cooking in the 2021 expansion, but it’s hyping the whole community for the whole year. Just thinking about getting four expansions in one year is getting everyone excited.

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