Rocket League Season 3 Release Date and More!

Rocket League Season 3 Release Date and More

In Rocket League Season 3 we are about to see some race cars. Yes, the next theme for Rocket League season 3 is decided and featured by NASCAR and F1 theme bundles. This theme was announced by Psyonix and season 3 will be available on April 7.

Rocket League Season 3 Release Date and More

In this season we will be looking at NASCAR-themed bundles in early May and then the F1 bundle will be available during the middle of May. We are going to see some new stage/map as shown in the trailer and there are more than 70+ new items that we can get. These items will only be available at rocket pass for season 3. All the competitive items/rewards from season 2 will be obtained after the season ends or after season 3 goes live.

About New Stadium

The new stadium is featuring the NASCAR and the F1 track. This new stadium will be looking like a race track but as we all know there won’t be a race. It’s a different thing if you want to race and others get along with it. This new arena the DFH Stadium Circuit will be available on the class arena. It is also available at competitive and classic mods along with private match-making and at Freeplay where you can play with your friends.

Rocket League Season 3 Release Date and More

Rocket Pass

Like every rocket pass, there will be new challenges that we can unlock. There will be Challenges every week and a daily challenge. Completing them will award us new items for free and some customization items. We can get additional challenges, more items, and more customizable items if we get the Rocket League Premium.

There are also some new competitive tournament rewards that you can obtain by playing in the competitive mod. To get these rewards just play in your bracket and you might get some as drops.

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