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About Stardew Valley Chickens and How to get Them

About Stardew Valley Chickens

Chickens are one of the farm animals that we can breed on our farm for their products. If we want a chicken first we need to build a coop on our farm. Chickens are used to obtain eggs and also we can convert those eggs into mayonnaise. Eggs have many other uses other than making mayonnaise but we are not here to talk about that. There are five chickens in stardew valley white, brown, blue, gold, and void chickens. So let’s start with how to get chickens

About Stardew Valley Chickens

Getting Chickens

As mentioned before we need a coop on our farm for the chicken to live. After that, we need to buy a chicken egg from Marnie’s Ranch and put that in the incubator. While purchasing we can get any one of these three chickens white, brown, and blue. Blue chicken can only be found after an eight heart event with Shane.

About Stardew Valley Chickens

Void chicken can only be obtained by void egg. A void egg can be purchased from Krobus in the sewers or can be found in and random event after the player goes to sleep. To obtain a golden chicken or golden egg we need to be at 100% Progress. After that, we can buy it from Marnie’s Ranch or from the Witch. We also get those eggs for free at first.

About Stardew Valley Chickens


As we all know chickens are used in stardew valley to produce eggs. Even the colors of the chickens are different they still produce the same white and brown eggs except for the void chicken. Eggs produced by any colored chicken don’t differ in any kind of price (except void eggs). Void eggs are sold at more price than normal eggs. We can use these eggs in an incubator to get more profit from these eggs.

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