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Pokémon Go Tornadus Weakness and Counter

Pokémon Go Tornadus Weakness and Counter

In Pokemon Go, there are three pokemon that are known as forces of nature. Tornadus is one of the forces of nature which you encounter during a raid. Just for general knowledge, the three forces of nature are Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. But today we are going to discous about Tornadus and its weaknesses.

About Tornadus

Before we get to how to defeat Tornadus and its weakness let’s get to know about Tornadus. So as Tornadus is a member of the forces of nature or so-called as the member of trios. It is a Flying-type that can travel at the speed of 200 miles per hour. It attacks with his tail which applies as a sandstorm.

Pokémon Go Tornadus Weakness and Counter

Tornadus has two forms, the first form is Incarnate Form and the second form is the Therian form. Usually, all the three forces of nature have these two forms. If you are thinking to solo any of the three forces of nature just don’t. Because they are very tough to fight solo it is recommended to fight with some friends or some trainers.

Tornadus Weaknesses and Counter

Tornadus weaknesses are simple, as it is a flying type pokemon its weakness are rock, ice, and electric types. Even after knowing these pokemon weaknesses, it’s not that easy to defeat it as it’s a legendary pokemon. Fighting this pokemon is a bit tricky and mentioned before we cant fight it solo. So fighting this pokemon it is recommended to fight with at least three friends or trainers.

Pokémon Go Tornadus Weakness and Counter

The best Pokemon to fight with Tornadus are Rhyperior, Zapdos, Glaceon, Mega Abomasnow, Magnezone, etc. Fighting this pokemon with its weakness will be an advantage to you. So there are other pokemon to fight with so try it with the pokemon that you are comfortable with and explore.

Things not to do

This pokemon is a flying type so fighting it in windy weather will be a disadvantage for your pokemon. Also fighting it with a Grass-type, Fighting-type, and Bug-type will do no good as it has a resistance to these types.

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