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Ant-Man will be Fortnite’s Next Skin ?

Ant-Man will be Fortnite's Next Skin ?

Fortnite is very fun to play battle royale game. As it has a lot of skin varieties for the characters, guns, and many more for the players to play. Not only Fortnite is known for the best skins but it is also known for the best Seasonal Events which gives the players many advantages and disadvantages.

Recently in Fortnite, they added avenger skins and Thanos gloves for the avenger infinity war release. So there is no shortage of avengers in/ Marvel characters in this game. And now there was the Zero Point storyline event which lasted for several weeks. which was fun to play. And the portals are open for a short time before we get any official confirmation from the developers.

Ant-Man will be Fortnite's Next Skin ?

Twitter Leaks

But On 5th March 2021, an account named VastBlast-Fortnite leaks on Twitter tweeted a short video and mentioned “New Portal Decrypted” and Mentioned “Ant-Man Coming soon!” dropping a Short Video clip. where the Camera is in the forest and we can hear many insects and bugs sounds but we can’t see anything.

On 2nd March 2021 Twitter account named InTheShade – Fortnite leaks tweeted about the portal Code which was named “smallfry”. Mentioning “New portal Codenamed Smallfry has been added”.

Combining everything from both leaks Smallfry and the Video there is a Huge possibility that Epic will add Antman as smallfry seem a legit name for Antman’s portal. And Previously we have seen this with the Tron Release which featured a portal similar to Tron world. The Same Goes for the Street Fighter character which showed Ryu’s Suzaku’s castle stage in the portal.

Let’s hope for the best in the future portal release as there is a huge chance for the Ant-Mans skin in this game. Till then!

Stay Tuned with Crawford Portal and Stay Updated!

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