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Animal Crossing: New Horizon March Update!

Animal Crossing: New Horizon March Update!

This March Animal crossing is coming with some new features with new updates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some of the contents have already been released from the New Horizons updater. The Super Mario Crossover is one of those pieces of content that we can see from the update. The Super Mario Content was playable from March 1, where you can find the Super Mario costumes, the flag poles, and many more.

New Contents

In Animal Crossing New Horizon we will find a new tadpole while fishing. We may often find his tadpole in the pond. There is a new bug that we can catch which is the orchid mantis. We can find this while catching bugs with our bug-catching net. There is also some kind of Spider Crab that we can catch from the sea, There are many more of these creatures that we can see in this update.

As mentioned before there are Super Mario-themed outfits that we can find in the Nook Shopping app in your NookPhone. There are also some Shamrock goodies that will be available to purchase from the shop.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon March Update!

We can see some new bamboo crafting items in this update. Actually, bamboo crafting is not new it was already available when New Horizon was first launched. To recall the date when New Horizon was first released it was on March 2020. For some reason, they removed the crafting from the update but now it’s back again in this update.

There is much more content to explore in this update. You might also like to know about Bob From Animal Crossing New Horizon.

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