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Minecraft about Enderman Full Guide for Beginners!

Minecraft Enderman Guide

In Minecraft, there are many NPC/Mob that we fight with. Enderman is one of those mob/NPC that we encounter during our adventure. Enderman is a mod that stays passive unless you attack or look at it. By looking we mean don’t point your crosshair at him. He has the ability to teleport from place to place and pick random blocks.

About Enderman

Enderman can spawn anywhere within light level 7 or less. This is the only mob that can spawn in all the dimensions. If you don’t want their attention and also observe them, just wear a carved pumpkin. Also, enderman cant get aggro while you look them through the window

Minecraft Enderman Guide

Why do we need to farm Enderman?

The item that enderman drops is known as the ender pearl. When you throw this item it teleports you to the place where it drops. Mostly we need an ender pearl to make the eye of ender. What eye of ender does is when you throw it leads you to your nearest stronghold. When you throw the eye of ender mostly when it falls it return to your inventory but sometimes it breaks. This is the reason we need to farm it and also we need some eye of enders to activate the stronghold portal.

Minecraft Enderman Guide

Easy way to kill an Enderman

If you aggroed an enderman and it chases you, you are likely dead without any armor. These guys hit really hard as it deals 7 damage in normal mode and 10 to 11 damage in hard mode. The easy way to kill them is to hit them in their legs as they can’t teleport when you hit them in their legs. If you want to be sneaky and don’t want them to teleport away before you approach, wear a carved pumpkin.

Minecraft Enderman Guide

It won’t spook them as you approach them wearing the carved pumpkin.


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