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Everything about Togekiss: Pokemon Go!

Everything about Togekiss: Pokemon Go!

There are many newer and older Pokemon around the world and many users want to catch their favorite pokemon. Today we’re gonna be talking everything about togekiss.


Togekiss is a mix of Two types Flying and fairy type which was first introduced in Generation 4 and later on it was introduced in Generation 6 with the same features. Togekiss is the last Stage of this pokemon it First stage is Togepi One with the eggshell that Misty carries with her along her journey. Then it evolves to Togetic and then finally Togekiss when it is Exposed to shiny Sinnoh stone. This pokemon has an Ovoid shape and feet close and the wings Broad and Triangular in shape. with the same triangles on its belly as it was on Togepi.

Everything about Togekiss: Pokemon Go!

Togekiss is also known as bringers of blessings. And is accepted as a Good luck charm since the ancient times and is found only in peaceful places according to the series.

Moves and Weakness

There are 2 best moves of togekiss which work as both offensive and defensive. Coming to offensive moves one is Dazzling Gleam which has 34.3 Damage points and the other is Charms it has 16 damage points. Don’t judge this pokemon for its cute look as it is resistant to many types of an attack like Dragon, Fighting, Dark, Ground, Grass, and bug.

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You need to level up your togepi to 25  to evolve into togetic and the level up to 100 for togekiss and is it worth that grind. There are 5 best pokemon you can use to Defeat Togekiss you are fighting against it they are Deoxys (Attack), Darmanitan (Galarian Zen), Metagross, kyurem (White), and zekrom.

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Using these 5 pokemon against togekiss will Greately increase your win rate as their attacks are +80% effective against it.

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