Best 5 Smartwatch Under Budget 2021

Best 5 Smartwatch Under Budget 2021

The first digital/smartwatch was debuted in 1972, it was named the Pulsar and was manufactured by a Swiss manufacturer of wrist watches based in Bienne, Switzerland was founded in 1892 as an American company, named Hamilton Watch Company ended in 1969.

Here are some of the latest smartwatches

Best Top 5 Budget Smartwatches

1. Polar M200

Best 5 Smartwatch Under Budget 2021

This smartwatch runs on Polar Os and compatibility for this smartwatch is on both Android Os and Apple’s iOs too. The display is about 26mm² in diameter in round shape and its storage is only for the Polar Os, battery standby is quite nice up to 6 days of standby. The connectivity model is Bluetooth and it doesn’t have an IP rating, the company only claims water resistance. The charging method is a proprietary charger only.

Amazon customer is good for its Accurate GPS and Good battery life. The disadvantage areas an outdated screen and doesn’t have any premium design.

2. Garmin Forerunner 30

Best 5 Smartwatch Under Budget 2021

This runs on its Garmin OS and compatibility with both Android and Apple’s iOS. Its display is 0.93″ 128 x 128 and this doesn’t have any processor inside it, storage is only for the Garmin OS. The battery lasts up to 5days on a single charge, charging is a proprietary charger only and it doesn’t have any IP rating but the company claims 5 ATM water levels and its connectivity is Bluetooth mode.

This has a clear screen and fantastic app that is cool features and disadvantages is the design is outdated and no touchscreen.

3. Amazfit Bip

It is just a replica of an Apple watch from the outside but doesn’t have the same features because of the low price. This smartwatch runs on its own Amazfit OS, compatible with both Android and Apple’s iOS, and has a display of 1.28″ 400 x 400 LCD with a MediaTek processor on it. Its storage is for the OS only, battery life lasts up to 45 days on a single charge and the charger is proprietary. This smartwatch has an IP rating of IP68 and the connectivity operation is Bluetooth and it has the latest Bluetooth v4.0 in it. This smartwatch price is INR 6199- 6400.

4. TicWatch E2

Best 5 Smartwatch Under Budget 2021

This runs on WearOS, compatibility with Android 4.3+ and Apple’s iOS 8+, and the display is about 1.39″ 400 x 400 OLED and has a processor of Snapdragon Wear 2100. Its onboard storage is 4GB, battery life is about 2 days on a single charge and the charger method is a Magnetic connecting pin. This smartwatch has an IP rating of IP67 and connectivity is through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.1.

This is an affordable price and easily lasts up to 2 days and disadvantages is there is No NFC for payments and bland design. This is priced at INR 13,740 on Amazon.

5. Fitbit Versa lite

The name suits the smartwatch because it has lite features. This runs on Fitbit OS, compatibility is on both Android 5+ and iOS 10+ and display is about 1.34″ 300 x 300 and there is no processor inside it and no extra storage on it. The battery life is up to 4 days on a single charge, the charger is a Magnetic connecting pin and has an IP rating of IP67 and the connectivity is Bluetooth.

This is cheaper than other Fitbits, Small and comfortable design, and disadvantages are there is no NFC Pay and No onboard storage for music.


The above smartwatches are priced from INR 3000 – 15000. Some of them are good at price, features, and specifications.

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