Zomm: Price, Specifications and More!

Zomm: Price, Specifications and More!

Zomm was founded by Henry Penix of Tusla, Oklahoma, and introduced his tech on Shark Tank in October 2012. Zomm is one of the world’s first Wireless Leash that never lets your keys to lost with the help of your smartphones.

Functions of Zomm

Zomm is an Award winner product that securely keeps your keychain to not get lost easily and makes reminders to you whenever you go about 20 or 30 feet away from it.


Zomm: Price, Specifications and More!

It simply vibrates and lights up when you walk away 20 feet away from it and after then if you do not give any attention to it, its built-in alarm will get activated as soon as possible and will get louder and louder until you don’t turn it off. You can turn it off by the Zomm application to find your keys or by pressing the button on the zomm device. So if you have this Device, You won’t forget your phone anywhere.


Wireless Leash is priced at $49.95, unlike the Wireless Leash Plus which is priced at $79.95. The Zomm Wireless Leash Plus helps you to answer incoming calls while driving and also acts as a geo-tag location for your car.


It is also pretty expensive at this price you can get other different options on Amazon. So this product is less recommendable to the customers who are Budget efficient. Old people may get disturbed by its Irritating high volume, but it is adjustable by its volume controller on its app.


It has some safety features in it just by triggering the button you can set all your emergencies like holding the button for 2-3s will make an emergency call to your nearest police. and it is Customizable to some Extent.

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