Don’t Starve Together Beginners Tips

Don't Starve Together Beginners Tips

Don’t starve together is a great survival game to play with friends. It is a sequel to Don’t starve. Basically, everything that don’t starve has aside from the storyline is all present in don’t starve together. The only difference between them is that don’t starve together is a multiplier.

Don't Starve Together Beginners Tips

Beginners Guide

In this game, there are many characters to chose from and each have their own unique abilities. If you start a survival or an endless mode when you first load the world you will spawn on a gate. All the maps are randomly generated. So for the first step to survive we need to maintain our sanity, health, and hunger. when you enter the world start looting almost everything that you see especially food. The second priority is to find flint, stone, and twigs. Flint and twig will help you craft your basic tools like axe and pickaxe. These are the two most essential tools that you will use most of the time. Stone will help you build your Firepit that is mostly used for base camp, there is wood campfire too if you just need light for the night.

Don't Starve Together Beginners Tips

When night approaches darkness will try to hurt you, so always try to stay in the light. It is better if you prepare a torch or a campfire beforehand. Later in the game, you can get a better light source. After you survived the night the next thing you need to focus on is a crockpot. But to make a crockpot you need a science machine. Crockpot enhances the value of the foods and consumes less food to make any recipe. There are many recipes that you can cook. You can find them on the wiki or just download a mod for it.

As you progress through the game you will find out there are many more things that you should be aware of. Some of them are the changing of weather, boss attacks, events, and many more.

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