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How to Find and Counter Giovanni: Pokemon Go

How to Find and Counter Giovanni: Pokemon Go

Before we go into Defeating Giovanni lets know about him and how to find him. Most of the readers who are here should know who is Giovanni but for those who don’t know who is Giovanni, Let’s keep it till He is the leader of Team Rocket. As there are lots of things to know about him but we are not here for that. So let’s just get into how to find him and defeat him.

How to Find and Counter Giovanni: Pokemon Go

Finding Giovanni

If we want to find Giovanni we must complete the quest “looming in the shadows “. And before you get this quest, you need to complete the quest known as “A troubling situation”. After you complete looming in the shadows you will receive a Super Rocket Radar. This Super Rocket Radar will help you find Giovanni instead of finding Rocket Grunts like the Regular Rocket Radar.

Don’t expect that  Super Rocket Radar, will directly lead you to Giovanni. It will lead you to some decoy grunts disguised as Giovanni and will also lead you to his hideout. Don’t worry you don’t have to defeat all the Decoy Grunts, you simply have to Roam and stop at each Poke stop to find the real Giovanni.

Defeating Giovanni

As this is a pokemon Game the best way to defeat any pokemon leader/trainer or Giovanni himself is to pick the counter pokemon that he picks. To do that we must first know the lineup of Giovanni’s pokemon, they are:

  • Persian
  • any one of these (Kangaskhan, Nidoking, Garchomp)
  • Mewtwo

How to Find and Counter Giovanni: Pokemon Go

This is the lineup that he usually uses. so the counter of these pokemon that Giovanni uses is as followed. And here is a table for you guys Mentioning the Weakness of the pokemon Giovanni uses if you want to use different Strats against Giovanni.

[table id=2 /]

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