5 Reasons Why OxygenOS on Oneplus Nord is Best Android Os

5 Reasons Why OxygenOS on Oneplus Nord is Best Android Os

Android has many open-source introduced by time to time upgrading it’s features and bugs to improve certain problem from device to device, companies to companies with different low brand, high brand, etc.. parts with their which sometimes works well while introduced to us.

There are 26 different Android Custom Rom introduced till now in the date. Some are working till now on this date and are some are banned.

Android says that stock Android is the best of all other Android Custom Rom as an Operating System but people have a small corner for stock android than the custom Rom and custom Rom useful features. Stock android is a good and simplest form to operate your device. due to companies sponsor their own apps and etc… to advertise their products.

As we know OxygenOS is on OnePlus’s devices and its AI features always amaze us introduced and hikes us to buy their products.

Built-in Voice Recorder

There are many screen record maximum of custom ROM devices but some of them till now don’t have built-in voice recording with good clarity of the recording, which is the ultimate level of useful feature.

Long screenshots

OxygenOS handles it with its own programmed gallery at a time for a good and better quality image on the phone, and the image can be captured up to the page is lasted. This feature helps you in capturing your long conversation on WhatsApp Chats to share with your friends.

Zen mode

Zen mode is like a Focus mode that locks other apps that are not letting you focus on your work and makes your phone focus on your work.

Gaming mode

This lets your processor and ram management, focus all the system on performance. OnePlus is good for the platform of performance and all we know that it is not possible to compete with OnePlus devices.

Reading mode

It is a mode that all students are using to get focus on their studies and work. Reading mode enables your phone to reduce brightness as much as low to not let your eyes go stress on eyes.  Color correction helps you to read it in low light.

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