MIUI 12 – Remove Bloatware without Root

MIUI 12 - Remove Bloatware without Root

A Chinese multinational electronics company found by Yingu Mansion on 6th of April 2010 in Beijing, China and named it Xiaomi. Xiaomi Corporation is investing in gadgets and many more. This article will tell you how to Remove Bloatware without Root.

Xiaomi has many sub-brands under it like POCO, Redmi, Mijia, ZMi, Celestron.

MIUI 12 - Remove Bloatware without Root


This is a computer program which is a process where successive versions of software or apps make your device performance slower and slower. Due to software bloat, the software uses more storage space, processing power, disk space and needs higher hardware requirements to run the Os more smoother.

Steps to Remove Bloatware without Root in MIUI 12

Xiaomi’s smartphones offer good but best features in a mid-range of your budget, but because of pre-loaded apps, these devices take time to boot and load all apps. Some of them are android necessary system applications but some are none of use. These pre-loaded apps are all sponsored apps of that particular time most trending apps.

Smartphone method to remove all bloatware:

It is simply just to uninstall these preloaded apps from your device.

1. First of all decide whether you need it or not the application.

2. To remove that application simply just note the name than Settings >Apps>Manage apps

3. Find the application. Now select the apps you want to remove and tap uninstall the unnecessary apps.


This method is another alternate method for PC.

MIUI 12 - Remove Bloatware without Root

The above method is very easy than upcoming one. This method helps to get a deeper cleanse, connect your smartphone use your USB to the PC. Now use the software Android Debugging Bridge.

Now after downloading ADB on your Windows system, extract all the files using 7zip or Winrar and install it. Now search the folder where it has been extracted and click at the address bar and type cmd. This will take you to the command prompt right from the Android Debugging Bridge.

1. Search your Settings>About phone

2. Click on the MIUI Version multiple times.

3. Search Additional Settings> Developer options.

4. Now, enable USB debugging. Connect your smartphone properly to the PC.

Now, authorize your PC on your smartphone to get into your smartphone. If there is no devices found written then repeat the whole process.

After this, if your device is connected then download Xiaomi Debloater .jar file from GitHub and also install the Oracle Java SE Development Kit. This allows you to open the .jar file.


Android accessibility suite
app vault
Catch log
digital wellbeing
FM radio
google app
google duo
Google lens
market feedback agent
mi credit
mi drop
mi pay
mi video
mi wallpaper
MIUI daemon
Partner bookmarks
partner NetFlix activation
quick apps
quick ball
translation service
yellow pages

Now select the apps leaving the above-listed app, and also remember to uninstall the which are none of use.

1. Select the boxes to the app’s name which you want to delete.

2. Then Select Uninstall to remove the apps.

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