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Whatsapp vs Signal Which has the Best Privacy Policies?

Whatsapp vs Signal Which Has the Best Privacy Policies?

There is no need to give an introduction about these two highly recommend apps with their features and facilities that these are giving us today. And question the privacy and compare it by the title Whatsapp vs Signal which one gives the best privacy policies.

The question is wrong! Is Signal equal to WhatsApp. Let’s find out why.

WhatsApp what we know and what we don’t?

The recent news of WhatsApp terms and conditions are a little bit of unhappy signs towards the users even due to this WhatsApp had lost 5% of users from worldwide. Some say a tweet of Elon Musk did that but it is not the truth when explained by Elon Musk. All we know that WhatsApp is slowly losing its users in a small percentage.


We all know about Whatsapp also provides end-to-end encryption for messages, but it can access your Contacts, Data storage, IP address, group details, and status that you post among your contacts. The company does not encrypt your messages from sender-to-receiver stored on their cloud storage or server.

Whatsapp vs Signal Which Has the Best Privacy Policies?

In the case of Whatsapp it user are unhappy from the last privacy update and slowly its losing users. due to this action of  Whatsapp, the company has lost 5% of users after the privacy policy.

features like PIN lock, the lock doesn’t work everytime while exiting the app. It works when there is reboot in your device, which means in starting of your app it asks you. It is quite disappointing to be in the sense of privacy.

It has same recovery option as compared to Signal but it doesn’t have any option of backing-up of users’ data in huge gigabytes to breaking up that into small daily usage of megabytes of backing-up data in the cloud.


If we compared this platform from Whatsapp, messages are encrypted from end-to-end encryption that means nor I or the company can read or chats between the receiver and the sender.

Whatsapp vs Signal Which Has the Best Privacy Policies?

However, if your device is offline, not in accessed with internet then Signal will store your certain upcoming messages on its cloud server until you get connected to the internet and your messages gets delivered.

Signal has a feature like setting a registration PIN lock, which mostly helps you and your friend protect private profile information. This number or the pin can access your retrieve profile, settings, contacts if the user loses his/her data or the device or switches to a new device.

And finally, if all come to your personal preference which one you like and trust the most between Whatsapp vs Signal.

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