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Everything about Phasmophobia Starter Equipment: Full Guide!

Everything about Phasmophobia Starter Equipment: Full Guide!

Phasmophobia is an online co-op horror game developed and published by Kinetic games. In this game, we play as paranormal investigators or ghost hunters exploring the haunted locations that are abandoned. By doing so we try to find out who or what is possessing that place. we need tools and equipment to find out what’s causing the paranormal activities. Equipment helps us to discover clues to reveal what type of ghost or entity we are facing. And for that Phasmophobia gives us Starter Equipment.

Phasmophobia Starter Equipment

This equipment is given at the beginning of the game and we can’t lose this equipment. There are other equipment that we can buy but for now, here are some starter equipment.

EMF reader

It helps with the interaction of the environment. If there is any kind of activity around you it lights up and starts beeping. EMF reader detects activity in the direction it’s facing. It can be dropped on the floor to increase its range.

Everything about Phasmophobia Starter Equipment: Full Guide!


This is the primary source of light in the darkness, as you will lose sanity in the dark. There are two types of flashlights, one is the regular flashlight that we get as starter equipment, and the other one is the strong flashlight that we need to buy. You cant bring both the flashlight at the same time you can only bring only one at a time. It also helps you to know when the haunt begins. When you are inside as it starts flickering.

Ghost Writing Book

It is used to get ghostwriting from a ghost by placing it in the room where the ghost can be preset.  Writings in the book are random, sometimes it is writing, and sometimes there are symbols. It is much safer to place a video camera in the room with the book and observe it from your van.

Everything about Phasmophobia Starter Equipment: Full Guide!

Photo Camera

Photo camera helps to gather evidence, complete objectives, or gather money from the photos taken during the investigation. Each camera can take 5 photos, you can check your photos in your journal. Always check your photos for labeled photos as it can reward you with money when you return to your base.

Spirit Box

A spirit box is a piece of equipment to ask a question to the ghost. You need to ask questions to the ghost while holding the spirit box and when it responds it doesn’t matter what it says but it is a piece of evidence. It doesn’t work if you are 3 meters away from the room where the ghost might be in and also it doesn’t work if the ghost doesn’t have a spirit box as evidence.

Everything about Phasmophobia Starter Equipment: Full Guide!

UV Flashlight

UV flashlight works as a flashlight but doesn’t give much light and it has a different purpose other than giving light. It is used to find ghost fingerprints and footprints.

Video Camera

It is equipment that is used to survey around the place where the camera is placed. It also helps to spot ghost orbs around the place. It is also good for spotting the activities around the house while sitting in the comfy of your van.

These are all the Phasmophobia Starter Equipment and for more search content stay tune with Crawford Portal!

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