KGF 2 Release Date, Trailer and More Updates!

KGF 2 Release Date, Trailer and More Updates!

After the big successful box collection and worldwide collection from the production of S S Rajamouli. The Bahubali – the beginning and The Bahubali- the conclusion is been a history in the Telugu cinema. As far know we are talking about the past of couple years, “the history is gonna create once again” by the Indians once again as per the critics and fan following of the upcoming movie The Kolar Gold Fields 2 aka KGF 2. and in this article, we’ll talk about KGF 2 Release Date.


The dialogue which is making the fans crazy, more suspense and actually crossing the limits of expectations towards the fans, from Chapter 1 of KGF i.e. “History tells us that powerful people come from powerful places. History was wrong! Powerful people make places powerful”.

KGF 2 Release Date, Trailer and More Updates!

The release date was as delayed as compared to THE BAHUBALI as the whole world was in quarantine. The teaser for million views shows the interest towards the fans for love towards the Rocky Bhai aka Rocking Star Yash aka Naveen Kumar Gowda.

The Rocky Bhai aka rocking star Yash has also made his debut film with Moggina Manasu, he also played major roles with the male lead role opposite of his future wife Radhika.  The film was a success and earned lots of respect and love from the fans and earned him the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Now on this date, the situation is in our control, so the is coming to theatres in your nearest cities.


Have a look at K.G.F 2 official Trailer!


K.G.F Chapter 2, was originally scheduled in theatres on 23rd October 2020, before the Dussehra festival. But the KGF 2 Release Date was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in India and for this reason, the fans little disappointed by themself and it created more suspense to watch it. The movie is scheduled to release in theaters on 16 July 2021.\

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