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Best Discord Servers to Play Among us

Best Discord Servers to Play Among us

It over two years ago has been released Among Us, it is now the most popular game in 2020. It also has been one of the most-streamed games till the end of the year. In this game, there are two sides of gameplay first are crewmates and the second is an imposter. In crewmates, you have to complete their tasks in the spaceship along with identity the imposter among them. And meanwhile the impostor has to sabotage the crewmate’s tasks and kill the crewmates to win the game. Read the full article to know about the Best Discord Servers to Play Among us.


Discord is an Easy to use VoIP, Digital Texting platform especially created for Gamer and Professional Businessmen for Online meeting purpose. It was Created by an American progammer Jason Citron. and It is available in all platforms Including Android and Ios.

Discord Servers for Among us

In Among Us players use different types of discord servers, for better communication with their friends. It helps with voice, video, or text for a most better gaming experience much more satisfying, enjoyable, and communicate.

Best Discord Servers to Play Among us

There are best Among Us Indian discord servers for players to play and communities with them.

  3.  Among Us LFG
  4.  Innersloth


In Among Us (India) is popular Indian severs in the discord community, in this channel almost 2400+ member. It currently has separate 10 text channels and voice chat channels with more than 20vc to access for players.


The most popular Indian discord servers and this server not only hosts among us lobby it also has separate channels for other games. It has 6000+ members with 700+ active members. and it has fair and moderate rules and regulations and has a separate voice and text channels.

Among us LFG

As the Game is Growing Promptly this server is also growing at the same speed.

Best Discord Servers to Play Among us

It consist of over 160 Thousand players and it also has over 200 voice channel. So you can join this server and make new crewmate and find the imposter.


As every Discord server this also one of the most popular Discord server for among us. This Channel has over 60 Voice channel and the admin as made a separate Text channel for those who don’t have microphone. This server has The most player active among all the server mentioned above, it has 626k Members active in it.

These are the Popular among us servers worldwide. For more Articles Keep up with Crawford Portal!

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